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Outpatient Physical Therapy

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Medicare Outpatient PT services are required by law to be provided one-on-one. We do that here at Redwood Physical Therapy. Also, having many patients and staff in an open space close together listening to your private protected medical information is a huge HIPAA privacy violation. So if you would like a PT clinic that respects your privacy and provides personal service as required by law, then give us a call.


Stephen Chabak, PT

Let Us Help You Live Pain-Free

Physical Therapy from the comfort of your home or come into our office!

  • Outpatient Physical Therapy

    Our Middletown, CT office is equipped with everything we need to help you get back to a better way of life–pain-free and improved movement and mobility.

  • Sports & Runner’s Injuries

    Let us help you get back to peak sports performance and doing what you love. Whether you are a professional athlete or not, we can help you recover.

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Plans Tailored to Your Unique Needs

Redwood Physical Therapy’s Stephen Chabak will sit down with you, one-on-one, and talk about your lifestyle and what your goals are. He will then perform an evaluation that will determine what your body’s strengths and weaknesses are. He will also be watching how you move your body and the stressors that your daily life puts onto it.

From there he will be able to create a fully customized physical therapy program that will help you regain your mobility, and overcome any limitation that is currently affecting you.

Have you stopped going places, like Church, the grocery store, or concerts? Would you like to be able to get out of a chair easier?

We’re here to help you live a happy, more fulfilled life!

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Friendly and Direct Personal Care

With over 25 years in the Physical Therapy field, Stephen Chabak has the knowledge, experience, and skills needed to help you recover successfully from a surgery, an injury, or pain resulting from body issues. You can come to our facilities in Middletown, CT to receive your treatment, or if you prefer, Stephen can come to you and work with you within the comfort and security of your own home.

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